Silo Cleaning

Keep cement hardened by humidity from blocking your silo passageway. Keep those silos running smooth!

Most Ready Mix plants have two or three storage silos to hold finished cement in stock for future needs. Concrete buildup on the walls of the silos can have a negative effect and cost you money. It can slow down the flow and reduce the silo's capacity. Humid conditions can compromise your cement storage silos. Moisture will harden the cement, causing clogs, which can bring your work to a halt. Managing these low stream or bottlenecking issues and expanding your cement silo storage limits may require concrete chipping services. This is where Lopez Concrete Chipping comes in.

Before Lopez Concrete Chipping begins our procedure of cleaning your cement silo or vessel, we ensure that there is a way for released material to leave the silo. The release opening must be spotless and there should be a removal system at the base so the material does not buildup to the point that it blocks the opening. We ensure that these issues are addressed. Lopez Concrete Chipping makes sure we address all the build up issues to maintain safe operating of the silo.

Our crews are well-trained and equipped with the very best tools to ensure we get your silos operating at peak efficiency. Whether you need one-time emergency service, or a long term maintenence plan, Lopez Concrete Chipping has you covered!

silo cleaning